Elephant in the Kitchen

Elephant in the Kitchen: Recipes from the Wilderness by Craig Higgins, Beverly and Dereck Joubert.

Craig Higgins, creator of many a wonderful meal at Wilderness Safaris Mombo Camp has finished his long awaited book entitled; ‘Elephant in the Kitchen: Recipes from the wilderness’, which is a joint venture with Beverly and Dereck Joubert, two of National Geographic's finest wildlife photographers and filmmakers.

This is more than just a cookbook with scrumptious recipes. It's a wild taste adventure. The cookbook contains recipes from the Wilderness and shows you how to recreate that in your own home. It is a journey through what it takes to produce meals in this truly remote location at a world-class level. It is a journey into the heart of the lightness that is Craig's life of beating off elephants that invade the kitchen, fighting to defend his kitchen from the local hyenas and enjoying the passing graces of the camp leopard, all while trying to produce five star food.

This cook book is written by Craig Higgins with humour and enjoyment making it more than just a guide to producing some of great meals, so that you can take a sprig of African recipes, a breath of her aroma and the salivating tastes of her food. Learn how to prepare a Babotie spring roll and a Wild mushroom Risotto, or an Amarula caramel chocolate sauce for your pancakes or what to do when a monkey swoops down and steals a cigar out of your salmon cigars, what to do when your local hyenas eat the Easter eggs, and why you shouldn't cry when the milk is spilled. Its a wild adventure, it’s a cookbook and most of all its a celebration of living in Africa and being part of her ethos not apart from it, something we can all take back with us wherever we go.

Here are some images from the book Elephant in the Kitchen: Recipes from the Wilderness:

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