Botswanan Seswaa delicious served with cooked maize

Botswanan Seswaa delicious served with cooked maize

A very traditional and fairly simple dish with minimal ingredients it's delicious served with cooked maize meal.

Beef chuck on the bone approx 1 kg

2 litres of water

Salt and cracked black pepper

That's it, simply boil the beef in the water with seasoning for several hours until it falls from the bone.
Cool slightly and remove the bone, traditionally the meat is then stripped and pounded with a rolling pin until it resembles loose shreads.
The meat should not be dry it should be moist so for best results add the shredded beef back to some of the cooking liquid and reheat stirring until the beef is hot and wet.
Cook the maize meal (pap) in water adding only salt and serve hot with Seswaa beef on the side.
If preferred a spicy tomato sauce can also be served along side the beef and pap.
Use fresh tomatoes,garlic and onions and cook out to a thick sauce, don't blend keep it chunky and thick.

This is a dish I had in Botswana on many occasions and one I miss as its never the same when I make it at home.

Maizemeal is simmilar to polenta and is cooked in Africa in many shapes and forms, sometimes it's cooked and served for breakfast so it's much thinner in consistency but most of the time it's served with meats and cooked beans or Samp and is cooked out in water and salt until it's very thick resembling a thick mashed potato.
African beans are dried and soaked then cooked out with onion and tomato for a delicious vegetarian alternative that is less expensive than meat yet a common staple.
If your ever lucky enough to visit Africa, I'm sure you will get the chance to sample this wonderful local food which is served in the traditional Boma to loud traditional music.

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