Tongabezi consultancy press release

Tongabezi consultancy press release

Thanks very much for the call this morning it was great talking with you both and I feel it was a very insightful and productive conversation.

I have spent up to now going over the menus I was sent last week menu 1,2 3 and 4 dinner.

As agreed were not planning to change everything over night and we will focus on two dishes this week and two dishes next week as a general start, so one from each menu plan, then
we can move onto breakfast and canapés etc.

The idea behind this is light,fresh and healthy as well as robust flavours in the right places.

Ok let me get straight into it as theres lots to discuss here,photos and recipes will follow.

The four dishes I personally think need a complete overhaul to start based on there components and photographs are the following,

Menu 1
Shanghai style chicken with basmati rice and chinese cabbage, I know we discussed a few dishes today but I need to know more about this dish and how its made and its feedback
and popularity.
I would suggest we go with a more sophisticated chicken dish especially for dinner and my suggestion would be Grilled Chicken Breast with preserved lemon rub and garden thyme served
with roasted peppers (red or yellow if possible) half pepper per plate, cauliflower puree and sesame baby potatoes.

Menu 2
We will come back to the broccoli and bacon pasta as it really should be more elegant flavours for dinner such as truffle,parmesan and pinenuts but Id like to look at the Thai Green Veg curry as we discussed this as needing work or replacement, I really think we must get four amazing vegetarian dishes that are big winners.
My suggestion to replace the vegetable thai curry or move it to lunch depending on its popularity is,
A roast vegetable,goats cheese and olive Pitivier (essentially a posh closed pie) served with tomato and balsamic jus, this would be topped with lightly toasted cumin seeds.

Menu 3
Slow cooked lamb stew, Im quite sure it tastes delicious but its not a suitable dish for dinner both from taste and presentation point of view.
Im aware its not a fillet cut of lamb so needs to be cooked out slowly therefore it should be an exotic tagine with dates and orange
On the presentation I think if its for lunch it can be slightly more casual and could be served in popadom basket as opposed to directly on the plate,if it effects your meat rotation
and needs to stay on dinner it could be that we slow cook the tagine and chill it down and wrap it up in phyllo pastry before baking again.
We should serve coconut rice with this either for lunch or dinner and its accompanyments would be fresh minted yogurt, spicy orange and ginger chutney and aubergine atcha,
vegetables would be steamed green beans and stirfried celery.

Menu 4
Chargrilled broccoli and groundnut salad as an entree is light and fresh for summer,Id like to know the components of the dish and how it works.
Maby we need to add some spicy noodles to that salad?

Thanks for the great call today once again as agreed were moving forward and discussed a lot today with regards to new ideas and recipes, dishes etc.
I will be listing the soups in this email that we can use in the up and coming new menus.
We have a further call tomorrow and have agreed we now have enough recipes and ideas to build the new menus with a deadline for all menus to be complete for reopening mid/end March 17.
Tomorrows call will be based on building Menus 1 and 2.
After we have all menus in place we can look at breakfast and other areas.
We also need to put the standard list of table dressings in place.
It was discussed new bottles would be ordered for these.
Sweet Chilli
Honey Mustard
Citrus dressing
All based on vegetable oil blending as discussed.
We discussed chutneys including marinated feta as a gourmet burger accompaniment
We discussed gourmet burgers and the addition of a brioche.
Pizza oven for gourmet pizzas which we would have four standard pizzas one possibly using smoked Mozzarella and possibly biltong.
This evening I will go over the lists of dishes were going to use that have been tried and tested and received good feedback so far.
The soups list
We did discuss a desert refreshing fruit soup possibly strawberry and mint with mango and chilli or mango and orange.
We discussed chicken on menu twice re salad and hot dish.
Taramasalata made with local smoked bream use in bar snacks
Soups which we will add to the menu and also use on the side line as back up based on fresh vegetables and pulses

Eggplant,coconut and tomato (favorite)
Chickpea and harassa
Broccoli and HorseRaddish
Apple and Celery (hot or chilled)
Carrot and Corriander
Pea and Fresh Mint
Tomato,Ginger and Basil (hot or chilled)
Avocado with tatziki (chilled)
Miso soup broth with noodle and fresh vegetables including fresh mushroom and spinach
Broth with Lemongrass,chilli,corriander,tomato and ginger
Chicken tortollini
Moroccan Butternut or pumpkin
Chowder corn (bream)
Sweet potato and apple
Lentil and coconut
Tomato and fennel
Chicken Broth with Gnocchi
Beetroot and Orange
Courgette and Tarragon (Zuchini)
Spiced Citrus Bean
Truffled Cauliflower
Butternut and pesto
Caldo Verde with chorizo and pesto (winter)
Tom yum (spicy with noodle)
Vichyssoise with Moroccan hummus (Chilled)
Fish Bisque (Winter)
Carrot, thyme and lime

Croutons to be served with hot soups varieties to include Olive,Parmesan,Herb,Garlic,Sesame

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